The Pattern Town Logo. It looks like two streets crossing with the buildings in the town forming a pattern. Pattern Town


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  • Use patterns non-commercially
  • No attribution required
  • Due dilligence required
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Commercial-Use Subscription

$7.00 USD/month

plus applicable taxes
  • Use patterns commercially
  • No attribution required
  • Due dilligence required
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What do you mean by “Use patterns commercially”?

If you have an active Pattern Town Commercial-Use Subscription and you generate a pattern on the Pattern Town website, then you can use the generated pattern for commercial purposes. For more details, see the Terms of Service.

Notifications & Cancellation

Payment Notifications: 1 week before next payment

Overdue Notifications: 1 week

Cancellation: 1 week after last payment overdue notification

The Cost Might Change

The cost of the Pattern Town Commercial-Use Subscription might change without prior notice.


Questions about billing and transactions should go to FastSpring Consumer Support. Questions about Pattern Town (i.e. this website) can be emailed to [email protected] (Our company is named Zigtrig Software Inc.)